Monday, 12 January 2015

Tally bally ho!

New year, new project!

I've been planning this for a while and the lovely folk at Warlord had one of their "half price plastic sprue" sales just before Christmas! So I took this opportunity to start my Bolt Action Brits.

The project had a stuttering start, as the infantry sprues I'd ordered arrived quickly as always, but only when I started to assemble the models did I realise I'd been sent American sprues by mistake! A quick email to Warlord resulted in my correct sprues arriving a few days later. This also mean I now have to decide what to do with 20 Yank infantry. Ebay or 3rd army?! I'll hang on to them until I decide.

Anyway, here is my current progress:
1 infantry squad with rifles and an NCO with an SMG. Weighing in at a massive 68 points! I've planned out 500 points as a target, all of which will be veterans, this may change as I paint more and see how an all veteran force works in the game.

The squad will be transported into battle in a Bren Carrier that secret santa delivered! I also purchased a command blister so that's next on the painting table. I do like the newer infantry sprues as they give you extra options. For my Brits I'll also be able to make a light mortar team and a PIAT team!

Taking further advantage of the half price sprues offer I also purchased some more german infantry to fill out my existing squads.

More updates as painting occurs!


  1. Once again, you neglect to mention the Dingo. It's almost as if you don't want it...

    The tommies are looking good.

    1. If you show me a use for a 96 point lmg I'll be all over the Dingo!