Sunday, 27 September 2015

Gaining Impetus!

Apologies for the obvious blog title but once its in your head it won't get out!

In a monumental change of tack, and even earning me a massive "F*** off!" from Kieron, I've decided to crack on and get my Carthaginians up to Basic Impetus level of completedness. I'd forgotten how nice the models are to paint, and also how sharp the spears/javelins can be...

So here is my first off the production line:
My second unit of Numidian light cavalry! I made a bit of an arse pinning the middle guy to his horse, trying to wipe off excess superglue with tissue, then trying to burn off the tissue that was stuck in the superglue and not realising that the melting point of the metal was just above butter... So he now has stump and a club foot! But hey, he doesn't need his legs when he's on a horse right?!

Next up these:
My second unit of Gallic Infantry! These are alot of fun to paint due to each model wearing different colour clothing. It does make them a bit more time consuming but the unit looks very snazzy!

Last of all this young man:
This guy will be used to represent my overall commander. I mainly did this to remind myself how I'd painted the Punic Infantry as I hadn't written it down anywhere. Managed to surprise myself with my memory!

And below is all my completed units to date:
I have another unit of Punic Infantry, some heavy cavalry and an elephant to complete. However, some extra bits are required for 2 of these units which will hopefully be purchased next weekend at Derby World.

Last but not least, and to break things up a bit, I painted these:
Another 4 UCM Wolverines! These are cheap, handy little buggies that can be equipped with a mixture of either missile pods for hunting armour, or extra AA, which upsets everyone no end! It also means I can field a squad of 4,6 or 8, or 2 squads of 4 depending on what mood I'm in. They are also scouts, so are good for spotting and extending sphere of influence. Lovely!


  1. The profanity wasn't for you painting, it was for asking me how I was getting on with my Syracusans.

    Also, a couple of typos:

    You've put Punis rather than Punic which opens you up to having them referred to a Penis Infantry rather that Pubic. :)

    You've referred to the Wolverines as buggies, when rather than 'ies' it should end in 'ers'.

    Other than that, they all look lovely. :)

  2. I thought you were doing Macedonians?! And I was just curious how much you'd painted so far!

  3. There weren't enough pikemen for Macedonians or Successors. There were plenty of hoplites though, and the Syracusans took part in the first two Punic wars, so they seemed more appropriate tan just random Greeks.

  4. Very nice stuff Anomander. :)

    Now, no upsetting Kieron... :P