Saturday, 24 October 2015

Stage 1 complete!

Woo hoo! Basic Impetus force completed! I'm glad I picked Carthaginians as my army, the choice of units will keep it interesting to paint I hope. The final unit in my basic force is this:

Carthaginian medium cavalry! More of these will be purchased as I start to expand my force as Carthaginian armies tended to be cavalry heavy. I may even do a unit containing Hannibal! And no, not the one from the A-Team...

Next off the production line:
My favourite WW2 tank, the Cromwell! Don't know why I like this tank so much, I just do! It's also a bit different in games of Bolt Action as it can fire high explosive rounds, so is better against infantry than a lot of other tanks. Really enjoyed painting this as well.
I look forward to using this so must now get on and paint some more British infantry to go with it!


  1. Nicely done and you certainly have eclectic tastes Anomander. :)

    1. Why thank you sir!

      As a group we are constantly mentioning new gaming systems and eras we want to play. I've just this morning ordered some Royal Navy Marines to skirmish with my nephews pirate scum...

    2. Napoleonic Marines? And so it begins!

      You know that RN Marines featured fairly heavily in the War of 1812 - did I mention that I have some models for that?

      The tank looks good, and the HE rounds should make it much more versatile than most tanks.

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