Sunday, 13 January 2013

Boom! Blog entry 2!

Ok, so, getting on with my to-do list then. As I knew I would, like writing an essay, I managed to mostly avoid painting my Dwarf blood bowl players. I just can't get up the motivation to do them at present! I think my anger at GW has sucked all my will to live regarding fantasy in any form....

I'm sure this situation will be rectified as we get closer to the start of the clubs league and I start to panic that my team isn't finished yet. Again, much like I do when I'm writing an essay for a work course! (It'll be fine, I've got ages! What, its due in in 2 days and I've got 4000 words to write?! S***!)

I have however completed the 2 buildings that were on my list! Hurrah!

As you can see I now have the start of a small 15mm WW2 town. The new building is the second from the left. Its the farmhouse building from Sarissa Precision. Love their buildings! Go together very well and have just the right amount of detail that I don't go blind painting them. The first on the left is also Sarissa and is their small shop. The other 2 are from Warbases and are my second favourites. They go together just as well but don't have as much detail as the Sarissa ones. This and the fact the roof on them are plain and you buy different types of tiling on laser cut card, which is glued on in strips makes them just that little bit more work!

The third type I have purchased is not shown here as I have given it to Matt to see if he can do anything with it as I couldn't get along with it! Its was a 4Ground building and each floor of the building is a different layer which makes for longer contruction time. Plus the top floor being the roof, the way it goes together isn't very stable, and the roofs don't fit as well as the other 2 companies do. Also, the peg/tabs on one of the roof pieces didn't match up and i have to do some cutting, glueing and swearing to sort it out. Shame as i do like some of the detail freature of these and they have a good selection and sell pre-painted versions of each one. May still buy the church at some point.

This is my Sarissa Precision Viking house! Had fun doing this one as it involved messing about cutting out scouring pads in a Blue Peter kind of way. A simple building really, easy to assemble but was only about £7. Another one of these and then one of the bigger Viking Longhouses and I'll be able to Saga at home! This will mean completing my games boards and if apathy hadn't kicked in midweek it would be well under way. I know what I need to buy, I just couldn't be arsed to go!

I have bought another black tester pot to give the space/urban board another coat and also some matt varnish to toughen it up so hopefully it won't scratch to bits the first time I use it!

As for my "not buying new stuff until the old stuff is painted" effort, I think we all know these resolutions don't last... So I've bought myself some Bolt Action German troops. £19 for 25 28mm troops is good value I think. Even if I don't find anyone to play they should be fun to assemble and paint!

Message ends.

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