Monday, 7 January 2013

Losing my blog virginity...

First post, yay! Can't think of anything to write, boo!

I suppose I'd better start by explaining why I've decided to start a blog. Matt made me do it. I don't normally listen to him but sat on the sofa with nothing to do its seems like a good idea. I'm not entirely sure how well or how often this will be updated but since joining Wargamers Free Company my all round gaming world seems to have become more consistent.

I put this down to a number of factors which I will now bore you with!

1. Wargamers FC is a fun group! No powergamers and free to play whatever games you want without pressure.
2 The group has a "Painted models only" philosophy which is self explanatory but means if I want to use my shiny new toy, I must paint!
3. Games workshop. I won't moan much on this subject as it gets me really angry, other than to say that they're slowly ruining the universes which I love in their pursuit of money using large chunks of unkillable plastic. This has however forced me into other gaming spheres which I now realise to be as good as, if not superior in many ways. Saga, Flames of War and X-wing being some of my most recent addictions.
4. Being a bit more sensible with any spare cash I have. I mean, that strobe light I bought was cool, but I don't know any epileptics I dislike enough to use it on.... But also not buying piles of models I will never get round to painting.

With it being a new year many at the club have written new years resolution to do lists, so i decided to do my own! I have also purchased a couple of pieces of 4' x 3' MDF so I now have my own home gaming board. This means I need to get organised and paint them up and also to sort out terrain so that every battle isn't fought on a lovely flat meadow....

Gaming board:

Give space/urban side another coat of black.
Varnish painted side.
Sand, paint and flock one side of the other MDF piece so I at least have a home Saga board. (The other piece will be done once i've finally finished decorating the spare bedroom and have somewhere to set it up as a 6' x 4' table.)


FOW farmhouse
28mm Viking house

FOW Germans to paint:


FOW Russians to paint:

5 T-70's
4 Zis 2
4 Maksim HMG
6 PTRS teams
More infantry


Finish bloodbowl team

Main priority off this list is to finish my dwarf bloodbowl team as the clubs league starts at the beginning of Feb. Its half done so once I get my head down it'll be finished fairly quickly. Thats probably why I started painting the 2 buildings the other day....

So there you go. Once I've figured out how this blog stuff works a bit better and also how my new phone works I'll start to post some photos of my stuff as I go.

Word up!


  1. You've finally listened to me about something! Had to happen eventually I suppose...

  2. Nice one Pete welcome to blogging

    1. Cheers dude! Will be asking your advice soon once I've started my gaing boards on paints and flock etc