Sunday, 12 July 2015

Forgot to watch a Watchman!

 Watchman, Watchwoman?! Either way, with all the excitement of moving house and revising for an exam I'd completely forgotten that I'd painted Silk Spectre!

So here she is:

Not sure if the yellow is yellew enough but I think she looks ok! Not an easy model to paint as the details are quite shallow but I still enjoyed painting her.

Only 1 member left to paint, Comedian. When I bought him he came with one of those stupid new bobbly bases, but I've managed to find a plain base! He's next on my list after finishing the final 5 French Milice guys that are currently on the painting table.


  1. Excellent work on Silk Spectre. I think the yellow works just fine. :)

    When are you hoping to use them against Kieron? :)

    1. As soon as the Comedian is done, and I've re-read the rules!

      We played a game when I had just Ozy and Rorschach, with an additional Cop. I lost by quite a bit...

    2. The big question is: can we get you along to the next Titan Games tournament? :)

  2. She looks really good. Get Comedian done so we can play!