Friday, 24 July 2015


Enjoying finally having time to paint again! You'll get the title post in a bit...

First up, finished my Milice!
A ten man inexperienced squad for use in the Anti-partisan list. Been nice painting these as they're a bit different, and as Kieron pointed out, chances are no one else has this squad! Unique high five! They're made using standard German infantry bodies, French head and British weapons. I've never used inexperienced troops before but managed to give them a run out in a large team up game Matt and I had against Kieron and Wes. Long story short, we won. Long story not quite so short, we embarassed them! Actually, it was mostly them embarassing themselves. Mostly Kieron, who will now be known as Kier-one for his string of pointblank tank rolls that either failed to hit or failed to penetrate when only a 1 would fail...!

Anyway, next up, German heavy mortar:
Pretty standard paint job. I think this is the largest artillery any of us own so far, so it'll be interesting seeing how it does in games. Got a few SS and standard infantry left to paint then I'm all up to date with my Germans. Not sure what will be added next. Fancy something a bit odd like a Neblewerfer...

Next up is my treasure, hence the title:
Gold! As we've all invested in the Frostgrave rules, and I plan on using my existing Dwarfs to begin, the only thing I need at present to play was the 3 treasure tokens. Having a quick scour of the web brought these little beauties from Dark-Art Studios. A pack of 7 treasure chests and 3 coin piles came in at about £10. I still have 3 chests and 1 large coin pile left. There is the posibility of  needing an extra 2 treasure tokens in the game depending on spells so these will get done if I see the need.

I was hoping to get the Otherworld Miniatures limited edition Zagor model painted, but a miscast hand has delayed this. I contacted Otherworld and they replied very quickly to say not only would they send a replacement, but that it would be one of the master castings used to make the production mould! Bonus!

So, currently on the painting table while I wait for this to arrive is a warhound for Frostgrave and a couple of SS for my Germans.


  1. It's a sign of poor character to gloat over somebody else's dice rolls. I'm going to remain on the moral high ground...

    ...everything you've painted looks awful. :P

    1. I'm sure the tears you were crying from that night are still blurring your vision...

  2. All nicely done. :)

    I think those treasure chests will help a project I am working on, so need to get myself some. :)

    As for Kieron's dice rolling, hopefully it will kick in again if he and I face off at the next BMG tournament. :)

    1. Thanks! For the price it wasn't worth messing about making my own, and they were delivered very quickly.

      As for Kieron, if I was him, I'd have melted those dice down by now and bought some more...

    2. Can you imagine the grief if I bought new dice on the strength of that game and the same thing happened?

      I can. That's why I'm not doing it.

    3. Cool! Keep the unlucky dice! :)

    4. They're not the ones I use for Batman ;)