Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Project Overengineered!

Many moons ago, our need for a new gaming area happened. You can read about that way back at the beginning of my blog if you're that bored!

To save you that, I'll explain. I created for myself a couple of 3'x4' gaming tables on legs. This enabled our little gaming group, which consisted of 3 of us at the time, to have a 6'x4' table to game on.

Things have moved on however! There are now 5 of us gaming regularly, and this month my other half and myself move into a new house. With all the excitement that comes with that, it now means I'll have my own dedicated gaming room!

As a result, and the gaming room being a decent size enabling me to have a bigger gaming table I today created this:

It's the smaller bit on the right! This is a 2'x4' section which, with some nuts and bolts, and hoping I've drilled all the holes in the right places, will form a bridge between the original 2 boards creating an 8'x4' table.

This will give our group the ability to play 2 different games in a night on 4'x4' halves, or 1 big gaming using the whole length! Our annual Xmas gaming day will hopefully be the first use of this, with a 2000 points a side Bolt Action game taking place.

This is all based on my diy skills and it not falling apart but I think I've overdone the construction a bit anyway!


  1. Be honest, you've only built it so that Wes and I have further to advance under fire in the big game.


    1. I'm going to add extra wings so it's 25' long and we have to play in the garden...

      It's well built, it should last a while!

  2. Great stuff, and great win on the gaming room! :)

  3. There is always the exciting possibility of the centre part dropping out mid-game as well...