Friday, 8 April 2016

Err...Happy New Year!

Hello there! Its been a while!

I have been busy though, honest! Since my last post we've moved house again and I finally have my own dedicated gaming room. The bridging part of my new table works well, just some fine tuning needed but we now have an 8' x 4' table.

So, here's an update on some of my painting progress since the turn of the year. There's no specific posts as I can't remember whats newly painted or not!

First up, my dropzone force to date:
There's a couple of new things in there. 2 Archangels, another 2 Raven dropships, another 2 Condor dropships, another 3 Sabre tanks and another 3 Rapier tanks. Most of this comes from the second starter set I got cheap off ebay and fills out my force nicely giving me lots of options depending on who I'm going to be playing.

I now how just over 2000 points worth, with a few more bits from the starter set to finish. I want to get as close to zero unpainted models as I can before I buy any more so I don't fall behind with it all! What with Dropfleet arrivng in a couple of months that could easily happen!

Next up are these fellows:
Yay! Dwarves! Not so much painting involved, mostly rebasing to fit in with the Kings of War way of doing things. I had been motoring rebasing these but then I started to get sand blindness or PVA poisoning or something and had to move on to another project for a bit...

We've played a few games now and I'm starting to get the hang of how to use my Dwarves in KoW. Not too different from Warhammer but a couple of new additions have added some nice new options to the usual Dwarf gaming style. The berzerker on a brock is currently a personal favourite. Who wouldn't love a loony on a giant badger!
There's also a Lord of an even bigger badger which I've yet to unleash. The rebasing job has also enabled me to expand my existing force quite nicely. A couple of ebay purchases will help me get full use of all the models I have so there will only be a couple spare hopefully. 
So there we are for now. I'm going to try not to be as long before my next post. Mostly because I bought Imperial Assault and went on a massive paint-a-thon to show!


  1. That's an entire battlegroup!

    I thought you had more than just two Longbows. Or did it just feel like that?

    1. Just 2! Although you can have a squad of 4...

  2. And happy New Year to you (I should have used these words to restart my blog! :-D)! That's a nice dwarves army! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you! Its my longest stnading army so it was nice to give it a spruce up!

  3. I liked the arrows for their help in organizing your notes.