Friday, 20 May 2016

Short update!

Geddit! Dwarves!

Anyway... just an update on how the rebasing is going with the stunty guys!

First up:
Iron Breakers! Or Ironguard as they are known in the Kings of War world. Will always be Iron Breakers to me though. Tough unit which I enjoy using. I have another 7 left and am undecided whether to eBay them or keep them in case I fancy making another unit. I feel they may be eBayed as I already have a unit of Hammerers that are also Ironguard, and there are a number of companies out there these days that make some lovely Dwarf models. So if I ever fancy another unit, this may be the way I go.

What Dwarf army is complete without an excess of large guns?! A second cannon, an organ gun and a flame cannon. I also discovered in my cupboard another organ gun I'd forgotten I'd bought at some point! Everyone was really pleased when I told them about that...

Next up will be sorting out a regiment of Thunderers. I've bought another 2 classic thunderer models off eBay which means I can make them into a regiment, rather than just a troop.

I've also completed painting everything I had left to do from my Dropzone UCM, but as it was mostly stuff I've already painted from the second starter set, I couldn't be bothered to take pictures! I've slogged away to get these up to date as it means I can buy new stuff and not worry about a paint queue, and also Dropfleet is somewhere on the horizon...


  1. All looks good.

    Well...when I say good, I mean looks aesthetically pleasing. Another unit of hard to shift little buggers across the table from me is anything but good.


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