Monday, 25 April 2016

A Long Time Ago...

...on a painting table not so far away!

Here are my Imperial Assault miniatures currently painted. I painted most of these in about a week long painting frenzy. Not sure what happened, I just got my paint on! I think some of it was down to the fact that there isn't much repetitive painting.

First up:
The Heroes! Really enjoyed painting these, as i said with them all being individuals. I'm trying to get all the Heroes done before we begin the next campaign.

And next:
Forces of the Rebellion! The Wookies were easy to paint with just a wash and a drybrush involved. The troopers were a little complex with the white helmets. My dislike of painting white is the main reason you won't see any Storm Troopers yet!

Evil stuff:
Probe droids, Hunter Killers and IG-88. All of these were a doddle to paint being mostly just a dryrushfest. With these and the other models I've tried to signify Elite models by a more complex paint job. So as you can see the elite Droid and Hunter Killers have some golden panels. Not much but will hopefully make them stand out a bit.

Next, Scum:
Again I've tried to show elite Trandoshans by giving them different skin (scales?!) tones and clothing. The other models are Dengar and some Hired Guns!

Nexu! I haven't painted one of these as an Elite yet so may go back and add something to one of them, but haven't decided what yet.

The Imperials:
Vader, Royal Guard with Champion and Imperial Officers. The only way I could think to signify Elite Royal Guard was to paint their pointy sticks gold... Each Officer has a different colour uniform which involved alot of googling to ensure they are correct! Vader was a bit dull to paint for the importance of the character but theres not a lot you can do with black on black, shaded black and highlighted black...

Lots still to paint, mostly those bleedin Storm Troopers. I'll tackle those when I'm in the right frame of mind... 

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