Sunday 19 October 2014


I thought I would join in with this months "Post pictures of stuff you've painted either recently, or within the last decade, and make up some wacky background story where you claim them to be 'survivors' of a zombie apocalypse".

So here goes!:
First up is...err....Dave. Dave was on a reenactment day with all his mates, in full WW2 German uniform when the apocalypse kicked off. Luckily he has his trusty Luger with him! Unluckily, its made a rubber.

Secondly, at near enough the same time Dave was firing pretend bullets at his mates, 13 dwarves, all dressed as a bloodbowl team got caught up in the apocalypse as well! I know! How cool! Luckily for them, they're covered in armour! Unluckily for them, its all made of rubber as well....

So there you have it. I was going to post a picture of Daves mates in there authentic WW2 Zomblewagon, and a load more Zombaginians and Zomidians from a Punic War reenactment day, but I feel by this point I may be over doing the sarcasm...

Saturday 4 October 2014

Confederates preparing for war!

Steady progress is being made! I'm starting to enjoy painting these now! There's enough variety in the clothing to mean its not getting boring, but probably takes a little longer than painting the uniformed Unionists.

Hot off the production line are:
Another ranked unit and a command stand.
I'm told this is now enough for us to start some small games so we can get to grips with it. I'm hoping to have another ranked unit and an overall command base done before we do however.

But then we go to Derby World tomorrow and there was talk of buying cavalry and artillery.... Not sure what I want to purchase there, apart from a KR multi case for my Bolt Action stuff. I'm sure the usual amount of goading will occur and we'll all come back with something we hadn't expected to buy!