Thursday 30 June 2016

Preparing For War!

Recently we bought Warlords Glory Hallelujah!, hoping it would give us some motivation to paint and play with the 6mm ACW models we all have in varying states of readiness.

A nice book, which will help me personally as I know very little about this period. As a group it will give us some pre-written scenarios for us to play. As a result we picked one of the smaller battles to give us a target to aim for to start with. As there are 2 of us per side, we've then split the 2 armies in half again so that none of us have too much to prepare!

So here are a few of my recently painted additions:
This may look odd, but all will become clear below! 
See! Makes a regular sized unit into a large unit! I may end up doing more of these if we progress further into bigger games as the Confederate forces appear to have a few large units.

Everything I've painted since returning from holiday adds up to this: 
A whole new Brigade! I've now got the painting of these down to about an hour per stand! The longest time is waiting for the PVA to dry once they are based...

Almost the complete force:
I have one more command stand to paint, and the comedy banner I made will be reduced in size to a normal command banner... And that's my part of the Confederate army for the Battle of Wilson Creek complete!

Now, I know Matt has been painting, I wonder if either of the other 2 have...