Sunday 28 August 2016

Crikey! Up to date!

Well, that was a productive month! Almost entirely up to date now with my Imperial Assault stuff. Its only a slow trickle of stuff arriving through the post that is left to paint. This is probably for the best as Dropfleet is still looming and most of the group seem to think we're going to be painting this until the end of time....

So, here's the Imperials:
I've got over my dislike of painting white. Well, not really but I've got a system that works! Good job really, I thought I'd painted all the Storrmtroopers I'd ever have to do, and then Fantasy Flight announced the next expansion which contains more of them.... The orange shoulder pads are my Elite troops, led by Kayn Somos.

Up next: 
Scum! Some more Tusken Raiders and Boba Fett. Boba turned out to be a weird paint job. Red, blue, green and yellow all on 1 model! I'd never noticed how bonkers his outfit is until I'd googled it!

Rebels! Chewbacca, Rebel Sabateurs, Rebel Smuggler,  Echo Base Troopers and 2 more heroes, Saska Teft and Biv Bodhrik. I've really enjoyed painting all these models. Still on the paint table are Han Solo and a Bantha Rider. I accidently went on eBay this morning and found the Bespin Gambit for a price I couldn't turn down, so thats on its way!