Tuesday 30 September 2014

Painting progress!

Hello! Between redecorating what feels like the entire house, and work, I managed to get some painting and gaming in! Hurrah!

Apart from board and card games, Wes and I managed to get 1000 point game of Bolt Action in. Long story short, I won, and as Wes has no blog to refute these claims, I won by miles! Although rather annoyingly Wes does seem to be picking the game up quite quickly. Veteran Sherman tanks with 3 mmgs are filthy, and also very hard to blow up! In most part due to my Panzershrek team being cross eyed...

Anyway, here is the first of my painted stuff:
6mm Confederates! 2 units of skirmishers and a ranked unit. Now I have refined my painting method I can paint these up quite quickly. Another couple of bases and a couple of mounted officers and we'll be trying a game using the Black Powder rules. Don't want to paint too much without playing a game in case I do too many of one type and don't end up using them!

Next up is this:
I'm sure the others will love to see this, another mmg team for my Germans! Most lists allow you 2, so I thought why not! I think I've now well over 1000 points of Germans painted, enabling me to put some variety into my army lists.

Next on the painting table is a ranked unit of confederates, and then I'll be onto the squad of SS I've bought! Looking forward to doing these, as the camp will provide a nice change from the usual German uniform.

This may all change as Derby World is next weekend and I have no idea what to buy! Still itching to do a British Commando army....

Saturday 13 September 2014

Opinions request!

Another blog post! Weird!

2 reasons for this, first being having another go with the blogger app to see if i can get the hang of it!

The second being, as the title suggests, your opinions about these:

First lot of infantry and just want to make sure I'm on the right track before painting the rest!

And now, my last post apparently came across a bit cranky, here's a picture of Calm Marm:

Friday 12 September 2014

Back to blogging!

So, its me! Woo hoo!

Let me explain. I bought a tablet, which meant I hardly ever turn my laptop on anymore, and thats what I used to use to blog! However, Matt and Kieron seem to be having a "See who can post a years worth of blogs in a weekend" competition and told me about the blogger app, so here we are! And boy does the blogger app suck massive hairy balls! Well, i'll keep playing with it and see...

I've still been painting and gaming lots. I now have over 1000 points worth of Germans for my Bolt Action force. I'll post some pictures of these when we've finished the decorate-a-thon the other half is forcing me at gunpoint to partake in, and the house isn't a total shit tip!

As you can see, these are 6mm ACW Confederates! This new project all kicked off whilst I was in Canada trying not to be eaten by bears... The others that I game with went to the 'Joy of 6' show while i was away and picked this as our next project. This isn't a war I'm even vaguely interested in, but that may change!

These only took about half an hour to paint once I'd played about with what colours I'm going to use, so hopefully having to paint 3 billion of the little bleeders won't take forever... Waiting for my bases and flags I've ordered from Baccus to arrive so I can finish them off all nice!

Anyway, just a short post for now to prove that I'm not dead!