Tuesday 2 December 2014

Filling out the Germans!

Well, I've recently been back in the painting groove and here are my newest:
These are sold as pin markers, but as a group we use tiny dice for this, so I came up with the idea of splitting a pack and using them to signify when a units NCO has been taken out!
Kettenkrad! This will provide transport for a small team or a tow for some artillery when we get round to playing some tank wars. Or cheap bomb fodder for when I'm playing Matt and his partizans....!
And finally a unit of SS! I bought 10 originally but then ordered more so I can either have 2 smaller squads or vary the equipment they carry. The camouflage isn't 100% accurate but I'm happy with it and they'll stand out from my regular troops. Having veterans will give me a nice offensive unit or something that can hold an objective. Plus, give them the fanatic rule and they'll be a bugger to kill!

That's it for now, warlord had a 50% off plastic sprues for black friday so I spent some pennies! First on the list was some more German infantry. Second was the start of some Brits! Looking forward to getting started on them when they arrive.