Monday 12 January 2015

Tally bally ho!

New year, new project!

I've been planning this for a while and the lovely folk at Warlord had one of their "half price plastic sprue" sales just before Christmas! So I took this opportunity to start my Bolt Action Brits.

The project had a stuttering start, as the infantry sprues I'd ordered arrived quickly as always, but only when I started to assemble the models did I realise I'd been sent American sprues by mistake! A quick email to Warlord resulted in my correct sprues arriving a few days later. This also mean I now have to decide what to do with 20 Yank infantry. Ebay or 3rd army?! I'll hang on to them until I decide.

Anyway, here is my current progress:
1 infantry squad with rifles and an NCO with an SMG. Weighing in at a massive 68 points! I've planned out 500 points as a target, all of which will be veterans, this may change as I paint more and see how an all veteran force works in the game.

The squad will be transported into battle in a Bren Carrier that secret santa delivered! I also purchased a command blister so that's next on the painting table. I do like the newer infantry sprues as they give you extra options. For my Brits I'll also be able to make a light mortar team and a PIAT team!

Taking further advantage of the half price sprues offer I also purchased some more german infantry to fill out my existing squads.

More updates as painting occurs!