Monday 29 April 2013

If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit....

Well, still not painted anything since my last entry! But I have not been lazy, oh no!

Thats not entirely true, but I now completed my second 3' x 4' gaming table. I wasn't necessarily going to do it this soon but it now enables me to have a 6' x 4' gaming table at home which has now become almost a necessity as the wargames club I attended on a sunday night has now ended. I'm not going to say much about this as I'm still quite angry about it all...

Needless to say, I will continue to game with people I want to game with, and doing it at home gives us a bit more flexibilty to gaming nights. It also helps with work as it means I don't have to request every sunday off, and with the NHS's beloved e-rostering coming into force, this helps me no end!

The demise of the club happened so fast it was hard to believe it. Luckily I had already started with my home gaming plans so hopefully won't be restricted on the games I play. As Matt and I had arranged a game for sunday night we just moved it to my gaff, and invited Kieron along for some Saga related fun!
The above is Kieron continuing his award winning wargaming losing streak with his dirty Jomsvikings against Matts dirty Normans. In the previous game my glorious Vikings had almost snatched defeat from the jaws of certain victory but managed to heroically pull off a win agaist the dirty Normans...

As you can see minimal terrain is ok for Saga, but I do have another of the small Viking buildings you can see to paint as well as one of the larger Sarissa Viking longhouses to paint. As soon as I finish the single stand of FOW Russian infantry thats been sat on my painting table for the last few months I will crack on with these!

To enable us to play games of FOW at home I ordered some pre-painted road sections off ebay. 15 pieces for £25 ain't bad! They arrived this morning and I am very happy with them:
Above is a 3'x4' table, and this doesn't include 2 of the long straight pieces. I am going to order a few more shorter pieces of road and this should hopefully do for a 6'x4' table. Bravo! The roads are wide enough that they will also be suitable for 28mm wargaming aswell. Double bravo! The ebay shop I purchased them from also do river sections, and as I have weirdly never wargamed on a table with a river, I feel the need to aquire some of these when some more funds have flooded in (geddit!?). I have also ordered 3 ploughed fields which were only £5 including postage but these haven't arrived at the time of writing. Next I want some decent hills but will wait until we visit Triples in the middle of may.

So, next up at the club that is not a club is FOW with Kieron. Going to try out the campaign type rules for tank aces. I'm not normally one for using tanks but I'll give it a go....


  1. Not one for using tanks... Yes, I'd noticed that about you when you were using all those tanks.

    Nice roads! Look forward to driving about on those for no particular reason!

  2. Must have been a one off! Paint that building!

  3. He doesn't use tanks, he abuses them.

    At some point Pete will discover that Infantry exists! God only knows when he'll find out about artillery...

  4. I've got artillery! Was going to use it last night but discovered in late war you need 4, not the 2 I have painted...