Tuesday 30 September 2014

Painting progress!

Hello! Between redecorating what feels like the entire house, and work, I managed to get some painting and gaming in! Hurrah!

Apart from board and card games, Wes and I managed to get 1000 point game of Bolt Action in. Long story short, I won, and as Wes has no blog to refute these claims, I won by miles! Although rather annoyingly Wes does seem to be picking the game up quite quickly. Veteran Sherman tanks with 3 mmgs are filthy, and also very hard to blow up! In most part due to my Panzershrek team being cross eyed...

Anyway, here is the first of my painted stuff:
6mm Confederates! 2 units of skirmishers and a ranked unit. Now I have refined my painting method I can paint these up quite quickly. Another couple of bases and a couple of mounted officers and we'll be trying a game using the Black Powder rules. Don't want to paint too much without playing a game in case I do too many of one type and don't end up using them!

Next up is this:
I'm sure the others will love to see this, another mmg team for my Germans! Most lists allow you 2, so I thought why not! I think I've now well over 1000 points of Germans painted, enabling me to put some variety into my army lists.

Next on the painting table is a ranked unit of confederates, and then I'll be onto the squad of SS I've bought! Looking forward to doing these, as the camp will provide a nice change from the usual German uniform.

This may all change as Derby World is next weekend and I have no idea what to buy! Still itching to do a British Commando army....


  1. I think autocorrect has got to you. Either that or I think that camp uniform may not be historically appropriate for the SS.

    1. They're from the Super Smashing German wing! I haven't started them yet as I need to buy some pink paint...

  2. Oh good. Another machine gun.

    I am thrilled.