Saturday 7 February 2015

New year, even newerer project!

Before I get to the even newerer project, I managed to fit in a small amount of painting between doing coursework and decorating the living room...

And here they are:
Boom! A light mortar made from the plastic infantry sprues and a commander.
He has a rather splendid moustache, ideal for twiddling whilst pointing with his pipe to a spot on a map where my troops and guarateed to be being cut down in their droves....

I also accidentally ordered the forward observer blister as with the British special rule giving me a free artillery observer, it would be rude not to take 2 in some games!

Having completed my course work, an information poster on "Assessment of delirium in a critical care environment" (fun times!), I decided to treat myself to something I've had my eye on for a while:
Dropzone Commander! Having read a few online reviews of the game it always seems to get a good write up, and is not in the Games Workshop realm of pricing. Its quite cheap really! I managed to pick this 2 player starter box for £48. And below are shown the contents:
Rulebook, UCM and Scourge plastic starter armies, 2 A1 posters that have art work on one side and a cityscape on the other, 10 cardboard buildings, a sheet of tokens and the obligatory 10 free dice and small tape measure.

My nephew (whose blog can be found here) is going to have the Scourge and I'll be starting the UCM. The models in the set provide you with enough for a 500 point game. The rulebook is very nicely presented, also containing a large selection of different scenarios to play, some for up to 4 players, and the army lists for 4 of the 5 available armies.

After a first read through of the rules I'm really looking forward to start playing!

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