Sunday 19 April 2015

Got my paint on!

Now that we've finally finished decorating, put the house on the market, and sold it all within a week, I seem to have gained back my painting time! And I think I've cracked on quite well!
And here is my first offering, and my second Watchman, Rorschach! Another model I really really enjoyed painting. Lovely model, nothing too difficult but I think I've made a decent job of it. I've based and am now ready to paint Nite Owl, and I've also purchased Silk Spectre. I would also have the Comedian but he was clearly off on a mission as he was out of stock...

This was my secret santa present at Xmas, very nice model to both assemble and paint. Love how chilled out the Brits in the back look! I plan on having a few of these in my force but I'm going to see how they play first before commiting.

Tiger! Matt and Kieron both think this will be a bit pointless in a game, but I think they're secretly soiling themselves at the thought of having this rolling about over their armies.... Picked this up for a bargain price of £17, and is the nicest model kit I've ever put together. Well done Rubicon! A pleasure to assemble and also loaded with optional extras so you can have a early, mid or late war Tiger. Will definately be purchasing Rubicon kits from now on which means a Panther may be on the horizon at some point!

Finally, my UCM force for DZC is now taking shape clocking in at just under 1000 points. Above are some elite infantry Praetorians in their Raven A dropship, and 2 Longbow artillery and their Raven B dropships. Mike has also expanded his Scourge to a similar points level, so game on!

Not sure how gaming will be over the next few months, having sold the house and looking at a new build, we will have to rent for a while until the house we want is built. How a the house we rent will be is anybodies guess, so big games may be put on hold for a bit! Unless one of the other guys pulls their finger out and sorts out a proper gaming room....


  1. All looking good. I'm not scared of the Tiger, one of those means less assault rifles. After all, it can only blow up my T-34 once...

    1. And although it would require a lot of luck, think how amusing it would be to cripple it with a light anti-tank gun or something.

    2. You'd have to be luckier than those 5 Imperial Assault rolls i made the other day!

      I'm sure one of your cheaty bombs will see it off at some point....

    3. Nah, whatever to hit, might be a 4, 6 to damage, 6 (I think) to set it on fire, failed morale to get rid of it. Easier than your five 6's in a row!

    4. I was thinking more along the lines of long range and heavy cover, 6 to hit, then at long range you can't actually damage it as it's armour 10...

  2. Just had a thought...

    Mine Dogs! :)

  3. Nice work, especially on Rorschach and the DZC stuff. :)