Thursday 7 May 2015

More action!

Still in the painting groove!

Following the last couple of Bolt Action games against Matt, it was clear when facing early war forces my German squads, unable to take SMG's and assault rifles, were a bit lacking in numbers. I'd already bought some more infantry sprues when Warlord had one of their half price sales, it was just a case of painting them. Then whilst looking through the easyarmy listings, I noticed inexperienced troops on the anti-partisan list. I know I could use other lists, but I like the challenge of trying to fit stuff into an appropriate list!

So here they are:
French Milice. A bit of research, and Kierons slightly worrying knowledge of every model makers tiniest products, and I had a plan! French helmeted heads from Gripping Beast duly arrived with what I assumed was a white flag, but it turned out to be the receipt. Using German infantry bodies, and British weaponry I now have the start of a cheap squad. The squad contains an NCO with SMG and an LMG, and will be expanded to 10 when I've painted some other stuff.

And here's some more German infantry:
Kieron will be excited to see that the guy on the left is toting an assault rifle! I have another 5 to paint and then I'll have a think about what I want next. Possibly something involving Luftwaffe inexperiened troops, although the urge to buy some bigger artillery is building...

Last but not least, these:
UCM Katana's! These are lighter armoured than the standard Sabre battle tank, but are faster, and deal out 2 shots each. Going to try them without a dropship at first to see how they manage.

Next weekend is Triples. Not sure what I'm going to buy, if anything. Might be tempted by another KR Multicase for all the infantry, but will see if anything takes my fancy!


  1. The Milice look good. What are they? Vichy SS? Anyway, it's different, and different is good, although you've not used much inexperienced stuff have you? Don't expect too much from them when the bullets start to fly.

    And as for my worrying knowledge, it's because I'm constantly considering and researching new projects that never get off the ground. I found out about French stuff when I was looking into a Vichy force for Operation Torch in North Africa.

    1. They're a militia raised by the Vichy government to root out partisans. Nice as something different, I like the models. Five inexperienced guys on their own aren't likely to achieve much, but it's another orders die...

    2. It will be a squad of 10, i have the models. Just painting other stuff inbetween!

  2. Nice Milice! And +1 for Captain Scarlet!