Saturday 18 July 2015

Finally finished The Watchmen!

Well, it's taken me a while but here is my final Watchman:
The Comedian! Again, I really enjoyed painting this model. Not a massive amount to do with it as he's mostly black but I think he looks ok.

And the whole gang! The Watchmen:
Now all I need to do is read the rulebook again and find somebody else who plays the game. No one I play with mentions it very much....


  1. Excellent work once again, and your crew looks ace together -well done sir! :)

    Any chance of you joining us at the next Titan Games tournament?

    1. Why thank you sir!

      Might try and make it, someone has to finish last! Any idea when it is?

    2. It's not been announced yet but they seem to be running on a three monthly basis, so September seems likely.

      We now need to play. Lots.

      Expect pestering.

    3. Well you've got about 12 weeks off soon so we should be able to get a good few games in!