Wednesday 2 September 2015

Dropzone time!

So, the others finally got around to assembling and painting enough DZC stuff that we can start to play games! Yay!

Before that though, I have managed to paint another couple of SS for my bolt action Germans. I haven't taken a picture though as I've just sat down and can't be bothered to stand up again... It does mean however that I now have enough SS painted to form 2 smallish sqauds if I so wish! I still have a few more left so hopefully will end up with 2 decent size squads eventually.

Anyway, now to the pictures! First up is this:
Ferrum Class Drone Base! Bought this second hand off Ebay and it had been undercoated and assembled by a moron. The 2 tracked parts at the bottom were glued in place and one was backwards so I had to sort that out. One came off easy enough but the other sheared the tab off so I had to resort to some heroic pinning to sort it out... Next time I won't be so tightfisted just to save a couple of quid!

Here it is in all its droney goodness! 
I'm looking forward to using this. The drones are fast and have an AA ability, and also can also replenish new drones from the base as they get shot down. The base itself also has a few guns! Fun times!

Next up are these:
UCM Mortar Squad! More infanty that can fire 2 different types of rounds from buildings. Cheap unit and really like the models. Every unit we add at the moment seems to add something completely different to the game. The only difficulty is what to buy next! I want one of every unit as they all offer something different.

I did manage to buy another starter set off ebay for only £17, so these will be painted up as we start to play bigger games. The majority of games we have played so far are starter set only games, whilst fun, they are limited. Having played bigger games, they get a lot more fun! Plus, I haven't lost a game yet that involved more than the starter sets....


  1. Yes you have. That 750 point game we played after our starter set game we played a few weeks ago.

    In fact, I beat you with your own troops. You leant me the Marine Force Recon to get to 750 points.