Sunday 20 January 2013

1cm of snow and the country freaks out!

Shock alert! The apathy wore off and I managed to finish my Dwarf bloodbowl team in just 2 days! Thats 12 players done and a dirty death roller....

I purchased, many years ago, a blister of extra linemen to make the numbers up so these may get painted as I need them. Once I started I remebered how easy dwarfs are to paint. Drybrush armour. Paint beard. Do fiddly bits. Done! It was possibly the delivery on the Bolt Action Germans that spurred me along as well as I was determined not to paint them until the All Blocks were finished....

Speaking of which:

Have made a small amount of progress on my first Wermacht troops! First on left is going to be my lieutenant, the middle one is a normal guy with a Kar 98k rifle, which seems to be the standard rifle for the Germans. And the last guy, kneeling, is toting a STG44 assault rifle. The models look good, have just the right amount of detail that I won't go mad painting them, and assemble fairly easily. The arms match up with the gun you are giving them and are so well done even the trigger fingers are in the right place!

The only issue with these, and the reason I haven't done more is due to the Wargames Emporium in Sheffield being sold out of the main paint I needed! German Field Grey. Bugger! Have internet ordered it though as well as some fresh paints for doing flesh.

As a result of the delay I decided to get my Russian FOW unpainted list down a bit. First up was finishing off my air support:

This was fully painted but I still needed to add the transfers and give it a wash. Voila! Also started to work on the last 5 T-70's I have left to do. These are a Plastic Soldier Company set and as with PSC's other sets go together really well and have crisp detailing.

Made the decision last weekend to ebay alot of my unpainted Fantasy stuff that I'm never likely to paint. Also my mini rulebook and dwarf army book. Bit sad doing this as it means I'll probably never use them again for Warhammer, or for the foreseeable future anyway with Kings of War being my preference. All in made about £140 so not bad. Will have another scan and see if theres anything else to go. Can't see the point in having the big rulebook if i'm not going to use it!

Word up!


  1. Death roller! Boo. £140 should buy an allied bolt action force for me to use, so good work there!

  2. Had the roller for years, will probably never get to use it...

    Get on with your Bolt Action force then! Bargain!