Friday 1 February 2013

My Flames of War tactics aren't up to scratch...

The title relates to 2 games I played recently at club. The first was the shortest game ever against Kieron who will from now on be known as "Panther Bastard". To start with he cheated by making the Russian Tank company defend! This completely threw me from the start and I made a cock-up of placing my objective meaning they were too far apart. Then my reserves turned up late and were too far from the objective Panther Bastard was holding to contest. All in all it lasted about 20 minutes...

The second game was against Matt. He cheated by knowing the rules. And again my lack of experience using germans did for me. I did manage to mow down endless infantry but apparently 5 Shermans are an invincible wall. Also I placed my Tiger wrong at set up. Must pay more attention at the start.

Anyway, on to painting progress for this update!

First up was air support for my germans. Love the Zvezda models. £2.75 is a bargain! Don't think I've made too bad a job of it either.

Next up was the last 5 of my Russian T-70's. 10 fully painted now and ready to roll. Was going to apply transfers to all of my Russian tanks but got a bit put off by the general consesus that "anything goes" when related to Russian tank markings! I like uniformity dammit! I'll have a go at some point as it'll finished them all off nicely.

Another stand of infantry is going to be done at random intervals to keep other stuff interesting. Like a reward basis! "You can paint the cool thing when you've done the boring thing..." I find this scheme works for me. Plus, one more base of infantry and I'll have 10 and can take them as a decent sized sapper platoon. Then another 4 and I can take an infantry company!

Painted a couple of Zis-2 guns as well to try and fend off tanks! Still have another 2 of these which will be done as some point. With AT 11 these should make short work of most tanks. Except Panthers. Bastards!

And so on to a reward! My first Bolt Action german! This will be my 1st/2nd Lieutenant. Was delayed painting this by my inability to order all the paints I want in one go.... There's always one I forget! Did enjoy painting this though. Don't think it will take for ever to paint these up. Shall get the 2 basic 5 man squads painted up before thinking about expanding on to other stuff.

And finally a picture of the main thing that distracts me from painting. It is cool though! Although I may have to start selling kidneys to keep funding it...

This sunday sees the 3 Amigos annual trip to Vapnartak at York. Not sure what I'm going to purchase here but the most fun is seeing how much we can goad Matt into spending on the Ainsty Castings stand.... If Matt and Kieron are lucky it might have snowed and we could relive my heroic parking manouvre from last years event!

Death or glory!


  1. Nice tank! I had a reef tank many years ago now, but gave it all up when i moved abroad... it was impossible to shift it so sold it all off, and I never got round to doing it all again...

    1. BTW, you're right about selling the kidneys! ;-)

    2. Love it, everyone should have a marine tank!