Saturday 16 February 2013

Small update!

Just a small update as not done a great deal of painting recently due to work and having a few days away in the lakes. Oh, and decorating....

Have managed to get 3 Germans painted now for my bolt action force. Think they look quite good. Enjoy painting them as well which always helps!

Had our annual trip to Vapnartak with Matt and Kieron. No snow this year which made it much much busier! As a result our plan to get there for when it started at 10 for the free model was scuppered as they had clearly run out long before we got there! Managed to pick up another Viking longhouse from Sarissa. Would have bought the bigger building I want as well but they hadn't brought it with them... Got a resin objective model from Kerr and King for my German flames of war army. And last of all got a small barn to go with the farm house I already have! Was only £4 from Warbases and i'm sure will only take me an afternoon to paint!

After this Matt and I held the opening game of the Bloodbowl season at my gaff. Ended in a 1-1 draw with me learning that showboating with Dwarves doesn't work... If you have a chance to get a touchdown, just get the bleedin' touchdown! Good game though with the highlight for me being Matts chainsaw goblin slicing his own head off....

Hoping to get some more painting done this week as well as finishing the decorating. This will mean I have a room where i should be able to finish my gaming boards and have a place to use them!

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  1. Captain Chainsaw is back now, goblins are so cheap that I now have all four secret weapons on the team!

    If I could just get them to win a game...