Monday 31 July 2017

Return Of The Blog!

I know I know! Its been a while etc etc

I'm going to try and make a proper effort at blogging from now on. Even if no one reads it, it's a good record for myself of what I've done! Speaking of records, one of the main problems I found with this blog lark is remembering what I've painted...

So, I now keep a record of all the things I've just painted, then I can photograph them, and present them here for anyone that cares! I'm going to aim for a monthly update, depending on how much I manage to get painted. 

Anyway, here is the last months worth off the production line:

First up:
Spaceships! More of my UCM fleet. Recent games have shown me that I didn't have enough dropships, and the UCM have the worst of the fighter/bombers available. So, here are another 2 New Orleans strike carriers. This brings my total to 6 strike carriers, giving me more flexibility. The larger ship is my 2nd Seattle fleet carrier, giving me more launch capacity. Combined with my Atlantis battlecruiser, means I can now put out a launch capacity of 9, so they may be crap, but at least there will be a lot of them!
More spaceships! These are Santiago corvettes. I now have 7 of these, enabling me to get across the board quickly and hopefully take out some of the oppositions strike carriers or void gates before they are able to deploy any troops.
Space stations! This is a lovely kit that Hawk make enabling you to create a number of stations of varying sizes. I managed to get 1 large, 5 medium and 3 small out of it. I'm not putting a massive amount of effort into painting these as they aren't used in every mission. Even with a minimal paint job they look quite snazzy though!
Phoenix! My regular opponents have been moaning about my Dropzone command Kodiak for ages, so I bought this, the other command model available to me. I'm sure they'll start moaning about it at some point too...
Acoma! This is a separate project my nephew Mike and I have started. These are 6mm Baccus Samurai. The Acoma are from Raymond Feists Riftwar world, an excellent series of books we both read years ago. We wanted to do a 6mm project, decided on using the Kings of War Ancients lists, and here we are, the start of a force!
Gallic Infantry! These are for my Impetus Carthaginian army I started ages ago. I'm making an effort to get the army painted to the point where I have a legal force to play with. The above 2 units are expansions of 2 units I'd already painted which mean I can do 2 large units:
See! These Xyston models are a pleasure to paint. I have 2 units of Gallic cavalry to paint and then the basis of my force is done. Romans beware!

So there you have it, a smorgasbord of visual delights for you!


  1. All very nice. And very small.

  2. So this 'proper effort' it monthly?

    1. Yes! It does say that in the third paragraph...

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