Saturday 2 September 2017

Grey Month!

Apparently it was UCM month! Although it is in theme with the weather this month...

I didn't intend to only paint UCM stuff but Matt and I have played a couple of Dropzone Commander games this month, he's bought some new stuff, and we're planning to play some of the Attacker/Defender scenarios that we've never played.

Saying all that, up first is some Dropfleet:
Toulon! The final 2 models of my UCM fleet! This means I am now up to date with my entire fleet. Until I can find someone selling a Battleship for a decent price... These 2 mean I now have 6 of this frigate type meaning I have flexibility with my fleet.

On to Dropzone:
 Broadsword and Flak infantry! The big tank can either be used as a famous commander and comes with 4 extra cards for the command deck, and can also be used on its own or with another as a heavy choice. Thats a big gun! The infantry are the last of the different UCM infantry available to me. I've already used these in a game and they added another option for shooting down gates or dropships.
 Seraphim and Falcon B! The start of my airborn reinforcements. The large ship is a Seraphim Retaliator, which although slow compared to other fastmovers comes with a good supply of rockets! The Falcon B are armed with a mixture of AA and ground attack weaponry. Fun times!
Eagle! Last but by no means least is this. This is a funny one as I never thought I'd like using this but got it cheap off ebay. However, having used it in a game I already love it! Great for demolishing buildings from afar!

So, there you go for this month. Hopefully will be a bit more colourful next month!


  1. They're GREY-t!

    I'll get my coat.

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